Saturday, September 25, 2010

NEW Chris Brown + NEW ARTIST: Matisse (Akon Remix) + A 'Lil' Bit of YOUNG MONEY

Yeah 3x - Chris Brown

Chris Brown's comeback to glory has been pretty steady so far.  His mixtape with Young Money's Tyga, Fan of a Fan, was a huge hit and he's looking to drop his next album, F.A.M.E., sometime in early 2011.  Here's a track called Yeah 3x by Chris.  It sounds like a more typical Akon track with an upbeat electro beat and all, but still a pretty solid track that should get alot of recognition.

 Yeah 3x - Chris Brown by bayareatracksnow

Better Than Her (Remix) - Matisse feat. Akon

After breaking up with her sister from their group Brit & Alex, Brit (Matisse) has decided to pursue a solo career in music.  Her hit debut single, Better Than Her reached the top spot on the U.S. Dance Chart and here, Akon's added his voice to an overall pretty great track.

 Better Than Her - Matisse feat. Akon by bayareatracksnow

With You - Lil Wayne feat. Drake

Still locked up at Rikers Island, here's a track off Weezy's upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being, due out in a couple days.  It'll be Wayne's second solo album that's not part of Tha Carter series, Rebirth being the first.  Overall, this track has a classic melo Weezy vibe to it with Drizzy adding his sweet voice in the hook.  Weezy's scheduled to come home in about only 5 weeks so don't fret, Tha Carter IV's on its way.

 With You - Lil Wayne feat. Drake by bayareatracksnow

Right Through Me - Nicki Minaj

The third single off Nicki's debut album Pink Friday.  Young Mula Baby.

 Right Through Me - Nicki Minaj by bayareatracksnow

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