Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW Colin Munroe Remix + NEW ARTIST: Thommy

Bulletproof Monster (La Roux X Nicki Minaj Revox) - Colin Munroe

Here's a pretty sick mashup of La Roux's 'Bulletproof' and Nicki's verse from Kanye's 'Monster'.  Colin Munroe is definitely someone who'll be an important part of the future of music.  He's worked with big names like Drake and Wale so keep this singer-songwriter and record producer's name in mind!  

A quick shoutout to Ichiro for getting 200 hits in 10 consecutive seasons.  Talk about consistency.

What If - Thommy feat. Jeremy Greene

Ok I basically have no background knowledge of either of these two and have never heard of them before but I do know that they made a dope track right here.  Check it out!

 What If - Thommy feat. Jeremy Greene by bayareatracksnow 

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