Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ayyy Girl - JYJ + Kanye West feat. Malik Yusef

WOW.  Kanye West and.....TVXQ ????

Um, how sick can Kanye (and TVXQ) get??  He's now done a track with JYJ (Jejung/Yunchun/Junsu), a new group consisting of 3 members of Korean supergroup Tohoshinki/TVXQ.  TVXQ is currently on hiatus after a falling out between the group's members over a conflict involving their record label.  Even with all of the drama, JYJ has managed to have their EP, 'The...' reach the top spot on the Japanese Oricon Charts for a month.  Kanye's defined himself as one of the most unique artists to ever exist, and TVXQ has been sweeping all of Asia for some time now.  We'd like to convey a well deserved shoutout to these artists (who you would've never expected to be on a track together) for showing us what being creative can result in.  즐기십시오!

 Ayyy Girl (feat. Malik Yusef) - JYJ + Kanye West by yokohamabayareatracks

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