Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NEW JYJ ALBUM: The Beginning

JYJ - The Beginning
Here's a shocking fact for ya: "The Beginning" by JYJ (formerly TVXQ/東方神起) is so far the best selling album of 2010 (according to Warner Music)....and it still hasn't been released yet!!  "The Beginning" has sold over 520,000 copies just through pre-orders.......yepp.  So is JYJ the next big thing even in the US?? Will they eclipse Justin Bieber?  Will boy bands start to sweep the nation like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys did a decade ago?? We'll have to wait and see.

Anyways, here's the much hyped English debut album from JYJ...and it's real nice.  We posted the 'Ayyy Girl' track with Kanye a few days ago  and I know alot of you liked that.  JYJ's also worked with underground Korean-American rapper Flowsick from Queens, NY who lays down a real sick verse on the track 'I Love You'.  This album officially makes these guys trilingual...which is pretty impressive.

I strongly urge those who'd consider this 'lame' in a second, to give it a listen.  Go out and listen to music that you never have before.  You never know what's going to please your ears.  If you're a true fan of JYJ I advise you go out and support them by buying this album....but if you can't wait, BAY AREA TRACKS HAS GOT YOUR BACK!!!


Ayyy Girl - JYJ + Kanye West
 Ayyy Girl (feat. Malik Yusef) - JYJ + Kanye West by yokohamabayareatracks 

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