Friday, October 15, 2010

CATCHY HIT: Shakin My Head - Detail + Flo Rida

Shakin My Head - Detail + Flo Rida

Noel "Detail" Fisher.  That's probably not a name you've heard before but I'm certain you've heard his productions.  Detail is one of the more renowned producers in music, as he's produced hits like Ray J's 'Sexy Can I' and Akon's 'Im So Paid'.  Detail's moved on to singing himself, and his songs are quite catchy.  Here's a song that's been around since August, but still hasn't gotten the recognition yet.  This one's got potential, as well as Detail's other songs like 'Krazy', 'Do It Well', and 'Tattoo Foreva'.  (I'll put them up soon).  Enjoy!

 Shakin' My Head (feat. Flo Rida) - Detail by yokohamabayareatracks

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