Sunday, October 3, 2010

2K 2K 2K!!!

NBA 2K11 drops in a couple days and I know we're all excited for the new rosters, the outstanding gameplay, and the nothing but ridiculous G-Moments.  Along with all that comes a solid soundtrack and this year, it looks like they've added some great indie music from outside the U.S..  I'll be putting up 2 of my favorite of these not so well known indie tracks that definitely deserve recognition....along with a track that I think deserves a grammy (Just kidding, stick to basketball Ron-Ron)....but at least deserves its video to be seen by all. (Especially the parts where he's going for a ride with his 2 friends)

Skeleton Dance - Children Collide

 Skeleton Dance - Children Collide by bayareatracksnow

Hollywood - Art vs Science

 Hollywood - Art vs Science by bayareatracksnow

Champions - RON ARTEST

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