Saturday, September 4, 2010


Everything's Alright - Ne-Yo

A great great song from the self-proclaimed gentleman, Ne-Yo.  His fourth album, Libra Scale, is scheduled to come out in early October and there's alot of hype surrounding it.  This song isn't listed on the Libra Scale tracklist but nontheless, its a smooth classic Ne-Yo-esque track.  Enjoy!

Big Sean's one of the sickest up and coming rappers in the game signed to Kanye's ridiculous star-studded G.O.O.D. music label. (others include Cudi, Common, John Legend & Consequence just to name a few)  We've been waiting for his debut album to drop forever, but it has an official SEPTEMBER 14TH release which all of us are psychedddd for.  This is his mixtape, Finally Famous Vol. 3, which came out a couple days ago and it's sweeping the internet with a massive number of downloads.  Look out for Sean to lead the new wave of lyrical rappers to take over the game in the near future!!!

Here's a link to download the mixtape:

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